Vim Tools V2400G 12" Auto-Grip Oil Filter Pliers

  • $ 50.02

From small engines to family vehicles to farm equipment, quickly and easily remove your oil filter with the VIM Tools Self-Adjusting Engine Oil Filter Remover Pliers Tool. The slip-joint jaw has multiple increments that allow you to adjust the mouth size so you can securely grasp oil filters from 2.3 to 4.7 inches in diameter. 4 bladed laminated jaws on each side of the mouth provide a non-slip grip that also prevents crushing the oil filter. Even the tightest filters or those deep-set filters can be removed thanks to the 12-inch length that provides added leverage. Use as a motorcycle oil filter remover, boat oil filter wrench, car oil filter removal tool, or an ATV oil filter wrench. Car and motorcycle oil filter wrench soft-grip handles ensure comfort and control while you work.
  • Use the VIM Tools Motor Oil Filter Removal Tool to grasp oil filters securely and safely
  • Self-adjusting small oil filter pliers fits most filters for small engines, cars, and trucks
  • Slip-joint design allows these large motor oil wrench pliers to self-adjust to fit your filter
  • Features a locking mechanism to keep handle closed for storage
  • 5.3 inch (13.5cm) wide mouth can hold oil filters from a minimum diameter of 2.36 inches (6cm) to a max 4.72 inch (12cm) diameter
  • Jaws can lock into place for a secure grip and for easy storage
  • Jaws are designed to securely grasp the filters without crushing or tearing them
  • 4 bladed jaws feature right-angled teeth to provide a secure grip that will prevent slipping and dropping oil filters even when oily and slippery
  • Deeply set oil filters have no chance with this 12 inch (30.5cm) long remove oil filter tool oil plier wrench
  • Long handles provide better leverage to remove stubborn or tight filters
  • Constructed of hardened steel, these oil change pliers is designed for strength, durability, and longevity
  • Soft-grip rubberized handles offer a comfortable, secure grip that can reduce vibration while you work
  • Handles measure roughly 4 inches (10.2cm)
  • Working Range: 2.36 in. - 4.72 in. (60mm - 120mm)