Tracerline Tp8651 Led Leak Detection Kit For R1234Yf

Tracerline TP8651 LED Leak Detection Kit for R1234yf


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UV leak detection is a highly reliable technology. It's capable of tracing ultra-fine leaks and is also the only method available for identifying vibration leaks, making it an indispensible tool for checking and maintaining an A/C system. The WAECO AirCon Service range includes complete UV leak detection kits as well as a wide choice of supporting tools and accessories.

  • Complete kit for UV leak detection – includes LED leak detection lamp, 236 ml refill bottle, UV glasses and TRACER® under-hood labels
  • Specially designed for R1234yf A/C service units with integrated UV additive management
  • Powerful UV LED lamp (50 W, 12 V), with a UV intensity of 5000 μW/cm2
  • Contents of one refill bottle sufficient for approx. 24 car applications