Tool Grid Handbdl150 Holder Bundle For Hand Tools Kits And Cases

Tool Grid HANDBDL150 Holder Bundle for Hand Tools, Tool Kits, and Cases

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  • Organize hand tools including pliers, nut drivers and screwdrivers along with small tool kits and cases
  • Locating pins on the bottom of each holder fit into the holes of the Tool Grid board for quick and easy set-up
  • Once a set-up is complete the holders are secured to the boards with specially formulated TGS-01 T20 screws
  • Includes:
    • TGH-10P - Tool Tip Holder, Grey, 40pc
    • TGH-11P - Tool Handle Holder, Grey, 40pc
    • TGH-12 - Cam Holder, Grey, 10pc
    • TGH-13P - Corner Holder, Grey, 10pc
    • TGH-18P - Small Universal Holder, Grey, 24pc
    • TGH-19P - Medium Universal Holder, Grey, 24pc
    • TGS-01 - Tool Grid Screw, Silver, 200pc
    • TGL-THS - Tool and Holder Identification Labels, 2 Sets (2 Sheets Each)