Steelman 18 Piece Metric Tamper Proof Diamond Force Hex Bit Set 78783

  • $ 29.99

Steelman PRO 18-Piece Diamond Force Metric Tamper Proof Hex Bit Drivers are made from heat treated steel and have tips that are coated with a layer of industrial grade diamonds that will remove both regular and tamper resistant hex fasteners. The diamond coating helps improve the grip of the bit on the fastener, improving torsional performance and decreasing the likelihood of cam-out over ordinary bits. Additionally, the diamond coating provides more grip for removing partially stripped fastener heads. STEELMAN PRO identifies, develops, and produces innovative tools that revolutionize the way that professionals tackle their daily tasks. High quality products that solve problems and increase efficiency is our promise to you.
  • Made of Heat Treated Steel
  • Coated with a layer of industrial grade diamonds for more torque and less slip
  • Diamond coating decreases likelihood of cam-out over ordinary bits
  • Provides more grip for partially stripped fasteners


  • Standard Length TH4-TH12
  • Extended Length TH6 - TH17
  • 3/8" Drive Quick Release Adapter
  • 1/2" Drive Quick Release Adapter