SP Tool BMW Injector Puller 11800

  • $ 77.87

This tool was developed to allow easy removal of injectors on all BMW’s with direct injection. On in line 6 cylinder engines our tools is very easy to install, unlike the factory tools where you must get a factory “hook” worked down around & under the injector to pull up. Our tool allows you to simply screw the tool on to the top of the injector then, with 1 or 2 taps with slider, the injector will come out easily. On the V8 twin turbo engines BMW does supply a tool to remove injectors. Our tool, with its compact size, allows easy installation to the injector and easily pulls injectors out. This easy removal greatly reduces the amount of time to replace injectors which makes more profit for technicians in the end.

N54, N63 and S63 engines 2007-2013

• Makes removal of injectors on 6 cylinder faster and easier

• Quicker than using the factory tool that needs to be worked
down and around the injector

• On the 6 cylinder engine, the tool will pay for itself in the first
few jobs

• On the 8 cylinder V8 4.4L turbo (N63) the tool will pay for
itself on the first job