Schumacher SC1353 200/35/2 AMP LED Display Battery Charger

  • $ 170.99

From Schumacher’s Wheel Charger line, the SC1353 fully automatic unit offers a 40 Amp boost mode that quickly brings deeply discharged batteries to life and a 200 Amp engine start for cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. This charger features strong starting power, a heavy-duty transformer, LED indicators, and color-coded clamps with a 6-foot power cord and output cables for 12-foot total reach. This charger is microprocessor-controlled with multi-stage charging, auto voltage detection, automatic amperage adjustment, a built-in battery and alternator tester, and reverse hook-up protection. Compact wheels allow for easy transport and storage, with a durable case and retractable handle. Schu Eco Energy meets the highest industry standards. Compatible with standard and AGM batteries.

  • 40 Amp quick boost mode and 200 Amp engine start for cars, trucks, SUVs, marine vehicles, and RVs; compatible with standard and AGM batteries
  • Microprocessor-controlled to automatically adjust the amperage rate to charge and maintain; multi-stage charging for precision, safety, and battery life
  • Battery and alternator tester provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems; auto voltage detection feature identifies 6V or 12V batteries
  • Float mode monitoring automatically maintains optimum battery charge
  • Reverse hook-up protection helps prevent damage to battery
  • (2) High-output AGM battery - for 12V / 24V systems
  • 200A engine start
  • 40A boost rate
  • 6A/2A charge
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Battery and alternator tester