Save Phace 3012350 Bones Welding Jacket - Size Large Accessories

Save Phace 3012350 "Bones" Welding Jacket - Size Large

  • $ 107.53

Our new Save Phace welding apparel is there first and only welding apparel in the world to feature our patented process to infuse ink into leather and fire retardant materials. Because of this process the graphics will not flake or peel as with other manufacturers welding apparel. In addition the Save Phace welding apparel is very durable, holding up to many repeated washings while still retaining excellent fire retardant properties.
  • The first and only welding jackets to feature our patented process to infuse ink into fire retardant materials
  • FR conforms to ASTM D6413-13B test method developed to insure a satisfactory standard for vertical flame resistance, after flame, after glow, and self extinguishing
  • Dielectric straps and buttons
  • Made from 9 oz black flame retardant high tensile strength cotton with a high reach collar and 1 extra inch in waist area for premium fit and protection
  • Will retain fire retardancy for up to 50 normal home washings and 25 commercial washings
  • Size: Large