Redline Detection EasyEVAP Universal Filler Neck Connector 95-0030 for 95-0003

  • $ 99.00

EasyEVAP™ Universal Filler Neck Connector ______________________________________ DESCRIPTION: • EVAP testing has never been simpler with the EasyEVAP™ universal filler neck connector • In seconds, this versatile adaptor creates an air-tight seal with any vehicle’s EVAP system, eliminating the need for searching for the EVAP service port • For capless filler necks, technicians can insert the new capless adaptor to access the system • EasyEVAP™ is compatible with any smoke machine, not just Smoke Pro®, and removes cleanly from the gas cap • EasyEVAP™ is an essential tool for late model cars with fuel tank rollover valves • Includes: • (1) Universal Filler Neck Connector • (1) Capless Fuel Tank Adaptor • (1) 12-Pack of Sealing Discs