Prevost URC061201 1/4" Automotive 1/4" Female NPT Coupling


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The Prevost Truflate Profile 1/4" Regular Coupler features a blue body made from tough, long-lasting composite material, along with a recessed, easy-to-recognize red button. The button has been designed to mitigate and avoid instances of unintended disconnections, however when disconnection is desired, a quick click safely vents the air line. The coupler itself is resistant to impacts, abrasions, chipping and other abuses, making it a long-term solution to your day-to-day requirements.

This lightweight 1/4” regular coupler operates at a temperature between -15°C and 70°C, with an ID passage of 6 millimeters. The coupler also features a 1/4 body size and 1/4” female NPT threads. It’s specifically designed for use in paint and body shops, with the needs and convenience of auto body repair professionals top of mind.

The reason Prevost couplers are so widely trusted is in part to their design: they offer optimal sealing when secured in place and reliability when in use. The single-piece construction of the Truflate coupler means seamless connections to hoses can be made without fear of mechanical failure in more complicated couplers.

Because the entire coupler is so lightweight, it’s also simple to handle and maneuver in even the most difficult jobs and spaces. And, it's impact resistant to ensure a longer and more useful lifespan overall.

Key Features of the Prevost Truflate Profile 1/4" Regular Coupler:

  • Blue, composite body with red button
  • Button design eliminates accidental disconnections
  • For use at the air tool
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to connect
  • impact resistant design

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 50 gr 
  • ID Passage: 6 mm 
  • Pressure: P.N.12 bar 
  • Temperature: - 15°C to 70°C 
  • Air flow at 100 PSI: DP 0.6b - 800 l/min
  • 1/4 Body size and 1/4” female NPT threads 
  • Use: Paint and body shop