Precision Instruments C2FR100F 3/8" 100 ft-lbs. Split-Beam Click-Type Torque Wrench

  • $ 115.87

The Precision Instruments C2FR100F 3/8 in. Drive 100 ft-lbs. Split-Beam Click-Type Torque Wrench overcomes many of the problems associated with micrometer-style clock wrenches in abusive environments.
  • Tool does not have to be "turned down" after use, providing convenience
  • Adjustment knob eliminates spring tension, so setting torque on adjustable wrenches is fast and easy
  • Torque setting locks on adjustable wrenches for repetitive applications
  • 17-5/8 in. length is designed to provide the leverage required for maximum torque applications, as well as provide the needed reach for those hard-to-reach areas
  • Innovative torque mechanism requires only fingertip force to adjust, providing speed and efficiency