Powermax PMBC-100 - 100 Amp Battery Charger/Power Supply

  • $ 360.97

  • PowerMax can give some power to your RV, 12V Car Audio/ Stereo/ CV Radio, Boat trolling motors and LED, and can provide some power to your house, lighting off-grid & solar backup. 12V Battery Charger has a power supply that you could connect to your car, then plug it in and play your car stereo without running the engine. It is rated for 100 amps.
  • Connect your 12-volt battery to the battery charger by attaching the BLACK negative cable from your charger to the negative terminal of the 12-volt battery. Make sure to use the clips or clamps to connect to the terminal securely. Generally, the negative terminal is labeled “–“. You also need to connect the positive cable from your charger to the RED positive cable of the battery. You’ll find the “+” mark on the positive terminal.
  • PowerMax Battery Charger has automatic thermal protection. It can reduce output to safe levels if the unit temperature exceeds safe levels pre-set limits and protects charger damage due to excessive heat. It automatically reduces the output voltage to prevent overheating and possible damage. Even though there is no risk of overcharging with the use of a high-quality charger, the battery should not remain connected to the charger for more than 24 hours.
  • Powermax converter/charger will not boil the battery. It has an Intelligent way to charge & maintain your RV battery and very easy to install so it’s a free hassle to use. 3-stage charging system built-in dramatically increases battery life for long last usage. Reliable, safe, & clean AC/DC power. It has reverse polarity, Overload & Thermal protection. 55Apm DC Power Output w/ built-in 3 stages smart charger.
  • With no need to re-wire, installation is only 10 minutes! It has an automatic three-stage converter that handles every charging need for the RV, Boat motor and LED, house lighting, off-grid & solar backup while extending the battery’s life. Well-maintained batteries should never need more than two-stage (normal and trickle) charging. No more flickering lights in our camper.