Power Probe ECT3000 Short/Open Electrical Circuit Tester

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The ECT 3000 Electrical Short and Open Finder makes locating shorts and opens quickly and more accurately than ever before. When the ECT3000 Transmitter is connected to an isolated circuit, it will quickly determine if the circuit has an open or if the circuit is shorted to ground. The ECT3000 receiver is designed to detect signals from the transmitter and its new adjustable distance indicator allows for accurate detection. Also included are (3) light bulb socket adapters for testing lighting systems, (1) universal adapter, (1) blade probe adapter for tapping into fuse terminals, (1) back probe adapter for backprobing connectors, (1) piercing probe, and (1) lead with alligator clip for connecting to a wire or terminal all in a blow molded case.

  • ECT3000 Transmitter
  • ECT3000 Receiver
  • 3 Light Bulb Adapters
  • Universal Adapter
  • Blade Probe Adapter
  • Back Probe Adapter
  • Small Piercing Probe
  • Alligator Clip Adapter
  • Battery Clipset
  • AAA Batteries