Power Probe Pptk0005 Tek Test Adapter Kit Diagnostic Tool

Power Probe PPTK0005 TEK Test Probe Adapter Kit

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The Power Probe test Probe adapter kit. Back Probe and blade Probe adapters, allows for Pinpoint diagnostic testing, 4mm banana plugs. Blade Probe allows for terminal testing at fuses, sockets, or connecters. Back Probe terminals without damaging the component. Able to test and back Probe sensors, connectors, components, and more.
  • Back probe and blade probe adapters
  • Allows for pinpoint diagnostic testing
  • Blade Probe allows for terminal testing at fuses sockets or connectors
  • Back Probe adapter allows for backprobing terminals without damage
  • 4mm Banana Plug makes it compatible with most diagnostic test equipment
  • Quantity: 2