Power Probe Pp3Ezredcs 3Ez Clamshell - Red Diagnostic

Power Probe PP3EZREDCS 3EZ Clamshell - Red

  • $ 172.08

Perform a Battery check, Charging System Check, Fuse check, Voltage Check, and Component Test, all while being guided through this process. The PP3EZ offers the ability to not only identify a good power or ground source and connections but also supply battery voltage or ground. The Power Probe 3EZ was designed to provide fast electrical testing.

  • Easy Learning – Teaches a new user how to use the functions in the tool.
  • Easy Diagnostics – Guides a user through simple tests such as Battery Testing, Charging System Testing, Fuse Testing, and Voltage Checks. Simply scan the QR Code with your Smart Device, which will link to a video to guide the user to perform these tests.
  • The easy to read LCD display – Provides easy to see readings with a simple navigation menu to get to what you need fast.
  • Upside Down? No Problem! With a new flip screen feature, you can see screen readings while holding the tool upside down.
  • Safety First. The 8 amp thermal circuit breaker provides protection while powering up components, relays or circuits while still allowing inrush current for larger draw components.
  • It’s Menu Driven. The PP3EZ has a menu driven screen that makes navigating a breeze for easier diagnosing of electrical issues.
  • This is an essential electrical tool. The PP3EZ is an all-in-one tool with DC Voltmeter, MIN, MAX, and Peak to Peak mode, along with audio signal capability (AC Threshold).

The PP3EZCS Kit Includes:

  • Power Probe 3EZ
  • Probe Tip
  • Battery Clip-Set