Power Probe Power Probe IV 9 Mode Diagonstic Circuit Tester Tool PP401AS

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Power Probe 4 Description: • The Power Probe IV Diagnostic electronic circuit and component tester supplies battery power and ground • Featuring AC/DC Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Frequency, Pulsewidth (Positive and Negative) and additional diagnostic modes: Fuel Injector Tester, PCM/ECM Driver Tester and works with ECT2000 and ECT3000 Signal tracer • Supplies Power and Ground for Functional Component Testing • Digital Volt and Ohmmeter for circuit testing • Large Color LCD Screen with Easy to Navigate User Menu • AC-RMS, AC Peak to Peak, Frequency and Pulse Width for signal testing • Fuel Injector tester for easy circuit diagnosis • PCM/ECM Driver supplies safe voltage for testing computer driver circuits