Power Probe Ppkit04 Tek 4 Master Combo Kit With Pprppect3000 Diagnostic

Power Probe PPKIT04 TEK 4 Master Combo Kit with PPRPPECT3000

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The PPKIT04 combines the power of the Power Probe IV with the ECT3000 to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose circuit conditions.

  • Save time by not tearing up wire harnesses, panels, carpets, and more to locate open or shorted circuits with the ECT3000
  • Diagnose Fuel Injectors, sensor signals, computer outputs, resistance readings and power up components with the Power Probe4
  • DC Voltmeter
  • AC Voltmeter
  • Ohm Meter
  • Fuel Injector Tester
  • Computer Driver Tester
  • Open Circuit Detector
  • Short Circuit Detector
  • Directional Short Circuit Indicator
  • Distance from Source wire indicator
  • Ergonomic housing