Power Probe Penetrator Tunsten Tip & Extender PHPT1

  • $ 28.34

The Penetrator allows technicians to get good readings / ground sources in otherwise impossible situations. The two part design allows the technician to decide the length needed for the job at hand. Eliminates the need to re-sharpen dull or damaged tips. This is a two piece kit.

  • The High performance tungsten tip will penetrate through corrosion for more stabilized readings with less effort. Designed to be long lasting, easily visible in the dark, anti-roll design, anti-arch technology, standard 4mm banana plug and includes a 5 inch extender.
  • Corrosion & Oxidation Penetrating Tip
  • For use with all testers, meters and diagnostic equipment.
  • Provides Highly Stabilized readings
  • Long Lasting Tungsten Tip
  • 4mm Standard Banana Plugs