Power Probe Iii With Case And Accessories Black Pp319Ftc-Blk Diagnostic Tools

Power Probe III with Case and Accessories Black PP319FTC-BLK

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These Power Probe III testers with accessory kit have multiple features and can be used to test short circuits, relay and components, continuity, and bad grounds. They have an easy-to-read backlit voltmeter, which allows you to read voltage at the tip, eliminating wasted time running to your toolbox for a voltmeter. The testers use gold plated, rugged connectors that guarantee a secure hookup every time. When you connect the Power Probe III testers with accessory kit to your vehicle's battery, you have a multitude of testers at your fingertips. Press the rocker switch forward, and you'll have a hot lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans and relays. Press the switch rearward, and you will have an instant ground lead. You can simultaneously use the hot lead and ground lead to activate components right in your hand. The polarity testers instantly identify positive, negative, and open circuits without having to re-polarize or reconnect hookup clips, like ordinary test lights.

The Power Probe 4 Diagnostic electronic circuit and component tester supplies battery power and ground. Featuring AC/DC Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Frequency, Pulse width (Positive and Negative) and additional diagnostic modes: Fuel Injector Tester, PCM/ECM Driver Tester and ECT Signal tracer.


  • Circuit Tester
  • Power Probe III
  • 12 V Adapter
  • 3 in. Probe Tip
  • Case
  • 20 ft. Extension Lead
  • Kit


Manuals are available in both English and Español.