Power Probe III Case & Accessories Black Short & Open Circuit Detector PP319ECT2

  • $ 219.99

DESCRIPTION: Power Probe III with Case and Accessories, Black • Digital Voltmeter with Min/Max Voltage Capturing • 4mm Banana Jack • 20 Foot Power Lead • Tests for Bad Grounds/Short Circuits • Powered by Vehicle Battery • Momentary On SPDT Switch • Slim Design for Fitting into Tight Places • Gold Plated Brass Probe Tip • Directed LED Head Lamps to Illuminate Test Area Short & Open Circuit Detector • It consists of 2 units: “SMART’ transmitter and “SMART” receiver, along with the most common adapters to get you connected to any electrical circuit on the vehicle • The reception sensitivity feature locks you into the troubled circuit, pin-pointing the fault • The “SMART” receiver also shows the direction to the short circuit, eliminating guesswork • Pinpoint short & open circuits without needless disassembly of plastic panels, carpets, etc. • LED shows direction to short and eliminates the guesswork • Power/Sensitivity Button the tech to zero in on the problem area • Comes with 7 unique adapters that make connecting to a circuit a snap