Power Probe 3S In Clamshell Packaging (Camo) Pp3S05Cs Diagnostic

Power Probe 3S in Clamshell Packaging (Camo) PP3S05CS

  • $ 122.99

Power Probe says the PP3s is easier and more intuitive to use than the original Power Probe 3 and does everything the original does, but better. Even when upside down! All accessory leads, tips, cables and extensions for the original Power Probe 3 kit can be used with the PP3s.

This is an essential electrical tool. The PP3S is an all-in-one tool with DC Voltmeter, MIN, MAX, and peak to peak modes along with audio signal capability (AC Threshold). Power Up Components 0-70 VDC 1.2 Inch Screen Size 0-70 VAC Audio Tone Visual Menu Voltmeter 12 – 24 Volt Range 20ft. Jumper Lead Set Bad Ground Indicator Continuity Tester Short Circuit Indicator Relay and Component Tester.

Bigger Screen – Get the all information you need faster with a 50% larger screen.

Menu Driven – An intuitive menu screen makes accessing all 6 modes a breeze.

Slim Body – The new PP3S has a slim and ergonomic body for a secure and comfortable grip.

Upside Down? No Problem – Flip screen mode lets you rotate readings.

Safety First – The included 8 amp thermal circuit breaker provides protection while powering up components, relays or circuits while still allowing inrush current for larger draw components.