Murphys 2146 White Tire Mounting Euro Paste 8Lb Pail Jtmf1.0066 Service

Murphy's 2146 White Tire mounting Euro Paste 8LB Pail JTMF1.0066


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Murphy's White Tire Mounting Euro Paste is a concentrate for use in the most challenging applications. Designed for direct applications, Murphy's White Tire Mounting Euro Paste is a stable blend of specialty soaps, corrosion inhibitors, preservatives, solvents and water. This lube will not cause softening of rubber materials. It can be used in any application where rubber needs to be lubricated relative to its dry state. Murphy's provides low friction to prevent twisting and cracking; therefore tires will not grab or seize onto metal rims. Murphy's will enable tires to seat readily and smoothly. Murphy's White Tire Mounting Euro Paste contains no HARSH chemical components that can cause corrosion of metals or irritation of workers.

  • Designed for alloy wheels, low profile and run flat tires
  • No water, no mixing. Use right from the container
  • Extra slippery to help mount tires with stiff beads
  • Contains rust inhibitor to help fight rim rust
  • Apply with a brush under harsh weather conditions
  • Great for all-terrain and large commercial tires
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Stable, ready-to-use paste
  • Contains no petroleum
  • Contains no amines
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Will not support bacterial growth