MIlwaukee 48-22-3695 Torque Lock Locking Pliers 5pc Set

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Milwaukee Torque Lock Locking Tools provide faster tool setup and more locking force for the professional tradesman. The patent pending thumb screw provides the user with a more convenient geometry for hand force, while providing clearance to generate more torque with the unique screwdriver through-hole design. Featuring hardened jaws for more gripping power, and forged alloy steel for maximum durability, Milwaukee locking tools are made for the toughest applications and jobs.

  • Torque lock: faster setup and easy release
  • Hardened jaws: better grip
  • Forged alloy steel: for maximum tool strength and durability
  • Rust protection: increases tool life by resisting corrosion
  • Limited lifetime
  • More torque


  • 48-22-3422 (5 in. curved jaw)
  • 48-22-3421 (7 in. curved jaw)
  • 48-22-3610 (10 in. maxbite)
  • 48-22-3507 (7 in. straight jaw)
  • 48-22-3506 (6 in. long nose)