Milton Industries EXELAIR Analog Tire Inflator Gauge Kit - 13" Air Hose, & Accessories - 120 PSI EX0510WKIT

  • $ 39.99

No need to worry about batteries with this durable analog inflation kit, designed with a Fish Eye-style (magnified) inflation gauge and complete with an air hose, dual foot air chuck, valve core tool, and valve cores/caps- all in complete set and great value. The classic, cast metal handle is equipped with a solid steel inflation trigger. The gauge comes pre-calibrated and reads in 2 PSI increments with a range of 0-120 PSI. Durable 13" rubber hose is rated to 300 PSI. Dual head angled chuck allows you to reach into tight areas.


  • VALUE KIT: Includes gauge, hose, chuck, valve cores/tool/caps, and storage case.
  • CLASSIC CAST METAL HANDLE: Steel inflation trigger + reads in 2 PSI increments, range of 0-120 PSI.
  • FISH EYE-STYLE GAUGE: Has a customized magnification window that makes pressure easy to read.
  • DUAL FOOT CHUCK: Designed for tight angles and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Max 300 PSI rubber hose. 1/4" NPT air inlet (Milton 727 plug recommended).


  • Gauge:
    • Resolution: 2 PSI
    • Units of measure: PSI (0-120)
  • Handle: durable cast metal
  • Trigger: plated steel
  • Product dimensions (w/o hose): 6.6 x 3.3 x 1.2 (L x W x H)
  • Hose: 300 PSI rated 1/4" x 13" rubber w/ brass fittings
  • Air inlet: 1/4" NPT female (Milton 727 plug recommended, sold separately)


  • Inflator gauge
  • 13" rubber hose
  • dual foot chuck
  • valve core tool
  • 4 valve cores
  • 4 valve caps
  • reusable plastic storage case