MayhewPro 13097 17-3/4-Inch ProGrip 6-Piece Hose Pick Set

  • $ 69.99

Used for a wide variety of applications, such as automotive and electrical work, scribing lines, o-ring and cotter pin removal, and to break radiator connections. Set includes: 6-Inch Pick- Hose & Clamp Pro; 6-Inch Pick- Offset Hose Pro; 5-Inch Pick- 90-Degre Pick-Hook Pro; 10-Inch Pick- Long Rev Offset Hose Pro; 10-Inch Pick- Long Bent Offset Hose Pro; 10-Inch Pick- Long Offset Hose Pro.

The ergonomic ProGrip handle, made of highly-resilient Polypropylene with an over-molded Thermoplastic Elastomer soft grip, has two ribs around its neck to allow for maximum transfer of torque from the hand to the tool. A slip-free grip reduces friction and hand fatigue when pushing or prying. All of the ProGrip tools are designed for easy access into tight spaces and provide necessary leverage in close-quarters.


  • 13232 pick-hose and Clamp Pro
  • 13234 pick-offset hose Pro
  • 13235 pick-90 DEG pick-hook Pro
  • 13241 pick-long rev offset hose Pro
  • 13242 pick-long bent offset hose Pro
  • 13243 pick-long offset hose Pro