Mayhew Punch & Chisel 24-Piece Set Hand_Tools

Mayhew™ Punch & Chisel 24-Piece Set

  • $ 145.67

Features and Benefits:

  • Pin punches used for driving out and removing already loosened pin after initial movement by a solid punch
  • Cold chisels are used for cutting, shaping and removing metal softer than the cutting edge of the chisel
  • Made of high-quality alloy heat treated for strength and toughness
  • Black oxide finish to provide resistance against rust and corrosion
  • American made product
  • This Mayhew punch and chisel kit contains a wide selection of striking tools for the advance metal worker, mechanic, etc. This set includes: cold chisels, solid punches, pin punches, center punches, prick punches, a cap chisel, a round nose chisel and a diamond-Point chisel all stored in a tool pouch.