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Mayhew 45048 Catspaw Flexible Lighted Pick-Up Tool


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Features and Description:  

  • Flexible head for reaching into hard to reach areas 

  • Flexible head for positioning light for a hands-free job 

  • Magnets on both ends for attaching to work area 

  • Telescoping shaft extends from 8"-25" 

  • Uses same replacement batteries as 45044

Introducing a new tool from Mayhew Steel Products, Inc.’s line of innovative products under the CatsPaw™ brand. It is called the MAY45048 CatsPaw™ Flexible Lighted Pick-Up Tool. Similar in shape to our now-familiar MAY45044, the MAY45048 goes to the next level with magnets on both ends to allow users to hang the light from above the work area and also to work as a traditional pick-up tool. The telescoping shaft extends from 8” to 25” and the last 4” consists of the head and a Rigiflex™ shaft that stays in position for the ultimate hands-free lighting experience. The light is powered by three ultra-bright LED bulbs and the MAY45048 uses the same replacement batteries as the MAY45044.