Mayhew 32002Ht Pneumatic Hammer 1 X 8 Hand Tools

Mayhew 32002HT Pneumatic Hammer 1" x 8"

  • $ 44.65

All of the pneumatic tools and sets are 100% Made in the USA and uniquely designed for a wide-array of automotive applications – including removing. cutting. trimming. and installing parts. Providing the specific tool to get the job done saves technicians time and improves productivity. Each tool is made of shock-resistant steel that is fully hardened and tempered to provide long-lasting durability. Additionally. they each have a black Oxide finish to prevent corrosion and feature a standard .401 turn-type Parker shank for air or zip guns (with the exception of the 8mm valve guide remover which has a .498 turn-type Parker shank). backed by a lifetime warranty. The new tool sets save technicians time by providing them with the tools they need when it comes to specific automotive applications.

  • Standard .401 turn type Parker shanks for air guns
  • Fully Hardened and tempered shock resistant tool steel
  • Black oxide finish to prevent corrosion
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty