Lincoln 616 Fluid Extractor/Dispenser 1.5L MVA6852 w/ 1134 Super Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

Lincoln 616 Fluid Extractor/Dispenser 1.5L MVA6852 w/ 1134 Super Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

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Lincoln’s model 616 (DEF) fluid extractors/dispensers were developed to complement our line of proven fluid transfer equipment. These simple-to-use, syringeaction tools feature a large, 1.5-liter fluid reservoir, twist-valve and dual-seal piston designed to transfer fluids quickly with no mess. Potential vehicle service uses for model 616 include fluid transfer from master cylinders, power steering reservoirs, transaxles, coolant reservoirs, diesel fuel filters and cylinders. This versatile tool also is suitable for a variety of fluid exchange applications in general industry and marine uses.

  • Simple to use and clean
  • Easy disassembly
  • Durable design for long life
  • Serviceable
  • Does not leak

Same as Mityvac MVA6852


The Lincoln Model 1134 delivers where other grease guns fail. The cast aluminum head and enclosed piston assembly work together to produce a grease gun that withstands the abuse of even the harshest lubrication environments. While extremely durable, the 1134 is also very comfortable. Its unique design and special pivot angle significantly reduce user fatigue. This tool will quickly become a “must have” for technicians everywhere.

  • Jam-proof handle return mechanism
  • Rugged single piece head casting
  • Includes both heavy-duty 18" flexible hose with coupler and rigid 4" tube
  • Filler nipple / bleeder valve combination
  • Variable stroke design delivers both high pressure and high volume
  • Extra heavy follower spring ensures positive priming and uninterrupted pumping action
  • Lincoln exclusive “flip over” follower eliminates grease bypass
  • Three-way loading: cartridge, suction or bulk
  • Develops up to 7500 PSI (517 Bar)