Launch Tech Software Update For X431 Or Laux431 (Update Only) Electronics_And_Diagnostics

Launch Tech Software Update for X431 or LAUX431 (Update only)

  • $ 435.90

Features & Description:

  • Official Launch USA 1-year subscription update renewals available for the following Launch x431 tools:

    • Launch X-431 Throttle 
    • Launch X-431 Pad III 
    • Launch X-431 Torque
    • Launch X-431 Pro3 
    • Launch X-431 Pro
    • Launch X-431 Pad II AE 
    • Launch X-431 Pad II

    Updates are not available for the following units:
    • Launch X-431 Pad
    • Launch X-431 ScanPad 071
    • Launch X-431 ScanPad 101
    • Units originating from outside the North American sales territory of Launch USA.

 This is not the pin card that is redeemed on your unit, you must call Launch Tech USA to apply this to your unit