Knipex 300Mm/12 Plier Wrench 86 03 300 Hand Tools

Knipex 300mm/12" Plier Wrench 86 03 300

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The Plier Wrench combines the jobs of a gripping plier and a wrench in a single tool. Screws, nuts and fittings of capacities up to a maximum of 60 mm / 2 3 /8” can be tightened and released easily and smoothly. The Plier Wrench can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button on the workpiece. The infinitely adjustable gripping jaws are always parallel. They grip without play under pressure. Thus a damage to the edges is avoided – this is particularly important when working on plated and soft fittings. Working with the Plier Wrench offers the advantage of using the ratchet principle: No need to reset the tool on the workpiece. Thanks to the favourable ratio the jaws can grip extremely strong. This is why the Plier Wrench is suitable for gripping, holding, squeezing and bending. Being a universal tool the Plier Wrench can be employed in nearly every sector of assembly, maintenance and repair. It also serves well as on-board tool for motor vehicles, motorbikes, bikes and boats.


  • excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces
  • zero-backlash surface pressure of parallel jaws prevents damage to sensitive components
  • fast adjustment directly on the workpiece by pushing a button
  • no unintentional shift of the gripping jaw position, no slipping of the joint
  • ratchet-action gripping jaws allow fast tightening and releasing cam action provides a 10 : 1 ratio for strong gripping power