Jacobs Chuck Ball Bearing Super Chuck K3 Key Size 3JT Mounting Female 30221 *

  • $ 64.99

Jacobs Chuck Ball Bearing Chucks - 30221 ____________________________________ DESCRIPTION: 1-piece fluted sleeve construction. Ball trust bearing reduces friction in chuck closing mechansim. Through-hardened sleeve teeth, nose, and keyholes for wear resistant. Maximizes gripping force and drilling accuracy. Treated to ensure thread life and high gripping surface hardness. Jaws center-ground for absolute straightness and alignment. For heavy-duty, close tolerance production drilling. For production drilling equipment, jig borers, milling machines, lathes, and radials. Ball Bearing Chucks Wt. - 38 Oz Type - Keyed Mechanism - Ball Bearing Mounting - Jacobs 3jt Female Key Size - K3 Housing Diam - 2.400 In Finish - Fluted Sleeve Capacity - 0.040 In Mild Steel Min 1/2 In Mild Steel Max Overall Length - 2.970 In Min 3.880 In Max Bit/blade Mounting Size - 0.040 In Min 1/2 In Ma