Iwata Supernova LS400 Silver Cap, 1.3mm, 700ml Alum 5812

  • $ 697.99

Iwata Supernova LS400 Silver Cap, 1.3mm, 700ml Alum ____________________________________________ Description: • When we talked about a new spray gun, we decided we needed something and our customers needed something new. Therefore, we enlisted the help of the world-renowned design firm Pininfarina famous for their state of the art automobile design.Anxious to see how they would handle a spray gun, the design far exceeded our expectations. After the gun design was complete, we incorporated our advanced atomizing technology and the “SUPERNOVA” was born. The gun combines our superior atomization control with production speed & ergonomics. • The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing which combined with the flat even pattern helps reduce common application issues. • Cup angle design guarantees perfect balance regardless size. • Air caps larger thread pattern makes it both robust and easy to remove and is designed with low maintenance in mind. • Nozzle: 1.3mm • Atomizing PSI: 19 • CFM: 10.56 • Fluid: 115 • Pattern: 310 mm