Iwata LPH400 154LVX Gun Only 5682

  • $ 503.99

Iwata LPH400 154LVX Gun Only 5682 Description: WATA LPH400-154LVX HVLP Gravity Feed Extreme Basecoat Spray Gun, with 1.5mm Fluid Tip, and 700ml Aluminum Cup. The LVX Fluid tip is specifically designed for metalic, and pearlescent basecoats where material clumping is a typical problem with standard fluid tips. High performance center post gravity feed HVLP spray gun with low air consumption and superior atomization utilizing our LV technology and our tulip inspired spray pattern. The gravity-feed design provides for easy clean up and reduces material waste. Other Cup Types Are Available For this Gun See Choose Cup Type under Options: - 1000 ml Aluminum Cup - 600 ml Plastic Cup - M&S Reusable/Disposable Cup SPECS: Fluid Nozzle Size- 1.5mm Atomizing PSI - 16 CFM- 9.8 Fluid Output ml/min - 130 Pattern Width- 13.00 (inch) Air Cap Model - LVX Weight - .80 lbs Applications - Basecoats, Metalic & Pearlescent