Iwata Lph-400 134Lvx Gun Only 5660 Paint & Body

Iwata LPH-400 134LVX Gun Only 5660

  • $ 469.99

Auto-graphics artists, auto-body refinishers, custom-auto painters, large-scale mural and sign makers, general-purpose painters and artists commonly use Anest Iwata spray guns for everything from detail touch-up to large-scale production spraying. Whether you’re a fine artist, production artist or a body-shop painter, Iwata has a spray gun for your every need – one that’s ideally suited for spraying gesso, varnishing paintings, murals, backgrounds, custom automotive painting, rendering signs or whatever broad surfaces need to be covered. These guns spray high-viscosity paints – including metallics – with ease. Century Series W-400 / LPH-400 Centerpost Gravity-Feed Spray Gun

  • The backbone of the Century Series Spray Gun Line
  • Gravity-feed design provides for easy clean up, ultimate reliability and superior atomization
  • Gravity-feed cups also ensure 100% material usage and can function with only a thimble full of paint
  • Originally used for automotive refinishing applications, the 400 series has since become a favorite with muralists and fine artists
  • Especially suited for clear-coating and base-coating
  • Spray patterns up to 12″ (30 cm)