Irwin Vise Grip 1802536 5 Pc Traditional And Groovelock Pliers Set Hand Tools

IRWIN VISE GRIP 1802536 5 Pc Traditional and GrooveLock Pliers Set

  • $ 76.49

Each set of pliers in the IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® Groovelock/Traditional Pliers Kitbag Set, 5 Piece boasts a push-button joint style that makes it easy to change to the grip position you need for a task by pressing a single button. Designed with injection-molded hardened steel, the GrooveLock pliers deliver the performance you want while staying durable and strong. The tools in the Irwin pliers set feature a multi-groove ratcheting system, which provides you with multiple groove positions, so it is easy to get the precision and grip you need for each project. The pliers' ProTouch grips are anti-slip and anti-pinch; they increase your grip control and reduce hand fatigue for more comfortable use. Storing the tools is simple with the rollable tool wrap included with the pliers tool set.

  •  Irwin pliers set includes: 6- and 10-inch Straight jaw pliers, long-nose pliers, diagonal cutters, strait-line pliers and roll up bag
  •  Push-button joint style makes it easy to adjust the pliers with one push
  •  Each tool in Vise-Grip pliers set made from steel for durability and strength
  •  Multiple groove positions for precise use and grip
  •  ProTouch grips reduce hand fatigue and increase control
  •  Included tool wrap makes 5-piece pliers set easy to carry and store
  •  Lifetime guarantee