iPROTEC 6652 LG400 400 Lumen Green LED Flashlight


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The LG Series is designed specifically for long guns. The LG400 is equipped with a high-power LED that emits intense light in a tightly focused beam. The 3 light modes are controlled with the dual-mode pressure switch or the standard flashlight cap. The LG Series includes a universal mount or can be used as a standard flashlight.  The LG400 features a removable flip-up red lens filter cap.  Red light is primarily used to preserve night vision in low-light or nighttime situations. The low-signature red light provides great contrast making it easier to read charts and maps. Police and military units utilize red light for night operations because it will not interfere with night vision technology and cannot be seen by the human eye over long distances. Fire rescue units also use red light because it provides better visibility in smoky situations than white light.

• HIGH (400 lumens): 2 Hours / 179 meters
• LOW (40 lumens): 20 Hours / 57 meters
• STROBE (400 lumens): 5 Hours / 179 meters

• Tactical self-defense edge
• 6x adjustable zoom
• Convex lens evenly distributes and focuses the light beam
• Removable red flip-up lens filter
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant

• Fits (20mm - 32.5mm) barrel and scope diameters
• Adjusts, tightens and locks without tools
• Patented rail-mount for additional accessories (18mm x 24mm)

•Pressure switch uses momentary operation
• Side-positioned button controls light & laser modes
• Standard end cap included for flashlight use

• Universal mount, flip-up red lens filter and pressure switch

• 3 AAA batteries included

• 0.7 lbs
• (L) 4.5” x (W) 1.5 (Head) / (W) 1” (Barrel)