Ingersoll Rand W5132 20V Brushless Compact Impact Wrench (Bare Tool) w/W5132 BOOT

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Description for W5132: 

  • LIMITED TORQUE: This tool has been built for tire installation, wheel installation, pipe fitting and mechanical work and avoids over-tightening, all while increasing your safety.
  • LED: With built-in 360 Degree Shadowless LED lights, you never have to work with clunky, additional light sources.
  • ACCESS: Thanks to its ergonomic design and lightweight build, this tool can easily access tight spaces.
  • POWER-TO-WEIGHT: This wrench features a great power-to-weight ratio, so you never have to over-exert to reach the power you want.
  • 50% more torque than the leading 3/8” cordless impact wrench
  • High-power rare earth magnet (neodymium) motor and replaceable brushes offer a long, durable life and high power
  • Finely tuned impact mechanism and motor deliver more torque, durability, and efficiency
  • 365 ft-lbs of max torque and 550 ft-lbs of nutbusting torque
  • A lightweight, balanced, compact cordless impact wrench that weighs just 5.1lbs
  • The IQV Power Control System includes 4 modes: Max Power, Mid Power, Wrench Tight, and Hand Tight
  • With an easy dial right on this cordless impact wrench, the W5132 delivers just the right amount of torque when you need it
  • Steel-lined aluminum hammer case is designed to be strong and lightweight, while protecting interior components of this cordless impact wrench
  • Impact- and chemical-resistant housing protects against repeated drops and exposure to shop fluids
  • Optimized for the vehicle repair industry, tire lanes, fleet maintenance, body shops, general industrial use, and MRO

The 20v High-Torque Compact Impact Wrench is perfect for vehicle repair and MRO applications. With a square socket retaining ring, optimal for frequent socket switching, and a spark-free brushless motor, this wrench is perfect for quick work and hazardous environments.


Description for W5132 Protective BOOT:

  • Keeps your favorite tool clean while protecting it from the rigors of the jobsite
  • Added protection from unwanted contaminates that can affect tool performance
  • Boot fits snug on Ingersoll Rand W5132 and W5152 impact wrenches
  • Protects surrounding surfaces from scratches and nicks.
  • Absorbs vibrations for increased comfort
  • Color: Red

Ingersoll Rand protective tool boots provide added protection from the rigors of the job site. Designed to fit perfect on W5132 and W5152 impact wrench, the W5132-Boot will absorb vibration and protect your tool from dirt, grime, wear and tear, and accidental external damage. Bright red color makes it easy to locate your tool.