Ingersoll Rand 1/4 20V High-Cycle Impact Wrench (Bare Tool) W5111 Cordless Power Tools

Ingersoll Rand 1/4" 20V High-Cycle Impact Wrench (BARE TOOL) W5111

  • $ 109.99

W5111 1/4" quick change hex cordless impact is designed for continued use in a variety of industrial assembly and manufacturing applications. From white goods to truck and bus assembly markets, the W5111 cordless impact wrench is ideal for continued use in a wide range of non-precision/non-safety joints.

  • Rare earth magnet motor & optimized impact mechanism deliver fast application speeds and long life to increase productivity
  • Replaceable brushes to increase tool up-time
  • Ergonomic comfort grip reduces vibration, fatigue, and enhances user comfort during continued use


  • Strong, yet lightweight steel-lined aluminum hammer case protects internal components
  • Patented steel reinforced frame protects against breakage
  • All metal drivetrain and hammer mechanism robust, durable, and optimized for power and efficiency
  • Tough housing protects against fluids, chemicals, and repeated drops

  • Built for high-cycle industrial applications lasting longer than standard* cordless impact wrenches.
  • Compact size 6' from tip to tail allows for greater accessibility and versatility
  • High-power, 20-volt lithium-ion battery delivers high-charge capacity and low internal impedance for maximum power delivery and exceptional runtime
  • Intelligent battery management system (BMS) provides power-level and flow-rate control from the battery to the switch to the motor


  • (1) W111 1/4" 20V High-Cycle Impact Wrench (Bare Tool)