Induction Innovations Combo Mini-Ductor® 12V MD-500 FREE Essential Coil Kit

  • $ 664.05

Combo: Mini-Ductor® 12V with Essential Coil Kit ___________________________________________________________________________ Description: Mini-Ductor® 12V • Ideal for a roadside repair or at a customer’s premises where regular power supplies aren’t available, the Mini-Ductor® 12V is completely portable • The Mini-Ductor® 12V can be used for a number of remote applications where rusted, corroded or thread locked parts need to be removed quickly and safely • The tool uses Invisible Heat® to quickly heat ferrous and some non-ferrous metal and provides a viable, safe alternative to using a naked flame • Some parts can also be re-used as the flameless heat is localized on the part and not the surrounding area, with less collateral damage Essential Coil Kit • The Essential Coil Kit is a collection of essential coils for your Mini-Ductor induction heater • Includes: • Two 7/8” Pre-formed coil (MD99-601) • Two 3/4” Pre-formed coil (MD99-611) • One 7/8” Long Pre-form coil (MD99-605) • One 1” Pre-formed coil (MD99-610) • One 7/8” Long Pre-formed coil (L.C.K.) (MD99-621) • One 1” Long Preformed coil (MD99-622) • One Storage Tube