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Tech-Life THE GRID Power Strip Surge Protector

9 High Capacity Power Outlets
Advanced Surge Protection
Independent Power Zone Control
Four 2.1 Amps USB Charging Ports for FASTEST CHARGING
Rugged Non Slip Exterior


The GRID by Tech-Life: Surge Protector, Power Station, Space Saver. 100% Game Changer.

The Grid is a complete power distribution system and surge protector, designed with the modern technician and mechanic in mind.

The hardest part of owning a bunch of tech and power tools is finding a place to plug it all in that won’t take up ALL the space on your desk or work bench or create a nightmare tangle of power strips and cords (AKA, an accident waiting to happen) — but still allows you quick and easy access to everything.

You probably gave up, until now… Tech-Life fixed that solution with The Grid.

Imagine having ONE designated area where you can:

  • A place to plug in and store the battery chargers to your power tools.
  • Charge all your devices on 4 ultra fast USB charging 2.1A ports.
  • Plug in a total of 9 power cords, 5 in the rear for organization, 4 plugs always accessible in the front.
  • Protect all your shop devices everything with a surge protector.
  • Control and allocate dedicated power with independent zone control/
  • Organize and clean up all your power cords, while enabling your genius.

Modern technicians need a professional power solution to fulfill their needs, as a result Tech-Life designed The GRID.

This is no delicate little ‘power strip’ that pops if you plug in anything bigger than a curling iron. Tech-Life designed The GRID to withstand rugged battery packs and power-hungry tech.

Never again run around the house with your cord in your hand, fruitlessly searching for the last free outlet hiding behind a bookcase. The GRID comes with 9 vertical outlets — so they are always accessible.

Stop tripping over battery packs scattered around the floor of your workshop, each one plugged into a different wall outlet… The GRID gives you a sturdy platform so up to four of your battery packs can be displayed at once in an orderly and convenient manner — ready to go at your command.

Don’t worry about finding a place to plug in your smartphone and other tech. The GRID comes with four lightning-fast 2.1A USB ports — cuts your charging time in half.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything you plug into The GRID is protected from tech-destroying power surges. And if you need a little extra power in one zone of The GRID? Take charge with the independent zone control and switch off power to the other zones.