GTE Masterbead Adhesive Dispensing Applicator GTEMB1

GTE Masterbead Adhesive Dispensing Applicator GTEMB1

  • $ 55.99

MasterBead – The World's Leading Adhesive Dispensing Gun

If you have to lay a bead, make it a Master Bead!

MasterBead is a handheld silicone/adhesive dispensing gun designed specifically for aluminum-type adhesive tubes. This first of its kind gun is made from ultra-durable polymers and is able to get 99% of the adhesive material out of the tube in a consistent and uniform bead every time and eliminates mess and waste. The gun’s automatic loading feature allows it to continue dispensing material with no need to reset or re-clamp the tube and also enables single handed operation.    MasterBead is designed to accommodate up to 4.0oz aluminum style adhesive tubes, is patent-pending, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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