GearWrench 85235 1/4" 120XP E-Spec Electronic Torque Wrench 5-25Nm

  • $ 968.02

E-Spec is a connected electronic torque wrench designed specifically for production environments where a high level of precision is required. With +/- 1.5% torque accuracy and +/- 1% angle accuracy, E-Spec is a high-tech workhorse. E-Spec software allows users to set torque parameters and download torque process data via standard text format and all E-Spec wrenches incorporate GEARWRENCH 120XP™ technology that can turn fasteners in just a 3° swing arc. E-Spec is the new standard for premium industrial torque applications.
  • 120XP™ head provides a 3° ratcheting arc to turn fasteners in narrow spaces
  • Torque accuracy of +/-1.5% CW and +/-2.5% CCW. Angle settings offer +/-1% of reading of angle accuracy
  • Low profile flex head design allow for better access in tight confines
  • 3 torque measurement units provide a readout in ft-lb, in-lb and Nm
  • Simple 2 button menu with reversible screen for right or left handed use
  • 100 available preset torque settings allow you to quickly access frequently repeated applications
  • Includes rechargeable lithium ion battery, and cartridge to hold 3 AAA batteries for back up
  • 100,000 life cycle accuracy
  • Meets or exceeds ASME standards and specifications