Gearwrench 3509 Steering Wheel Lock Plate Remover/installer Vehicle_Specialty_Tools

GearWrench 3509 Steering Wheel Lock Plate Remover/Installer

  • $ 38.94

Features and Description :

• Redesigned puller yoke to fit late model GM cars with (S.I.R.) air bags (1992 - Present).

• Works on older GM, Chrysler and AMC vehicles previously serviced by the #2414.

• Narrower yoke prevents damage to the lock plate.

• Separate SAE (black) and Metric (zinc) threaded collars screw to the center steering column.

• Center screw uses a 3/8" wrench flats to turn collars onto center column.

• Hex screw supplied will lock down telescoping steering columns while removing lock plate.

• Hex screw can be stored on side of puller yoke.

• Zinc and black oxide for corrosion resistance.

• Caution: Wear Safety Goggles.