KD Tools Gearwrench 10 Piece Ratcheting Crowfoot MM Set 89119

  • $ 115.71

10-Piece Ratcheting Crowfoot MM Set ______________________________________________________________________________________ Description: • The GearWrench Ratcheting Crowfoot Wrenches provide improved access to bolts located in hard to reach places or confined spaces. • Used with a 3/8” extension, these ratcheting wrenches allow you to reach deep into an engine compartment or to avoid obstructions which prevent the use of a ratchet. • Open end wrench allows access to fasteners when there are height constraints • Ratcheting function allows to quickly ratchet bolts without removing the wrench from the fastener • Arrow stamped on head quickly identifies direction of rotation • Bright chrome finish is easy to clean and provides high visibility • Size laser etched on both sides of head for easy identification