FLIR Systems DM285-Kit Professional Imaging Multimeter Kit

FLIR Systems DM285-Kit Professional Imaging Multimeter Kit

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The FLIR DM285-KIT offers the professional tools you need for field electronics, commercial electric, light industrial, field service, and HVAC work. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology powered by a built-in 160 x 120 FLIR thermal imager, the DM285 visually guides you to the precise location of an electrical problem without direct contact. The DM285 also helps streamline inspections by connecting wirelessly to FLIR Tools or the new FLIR InSite™ workflow management app. The DM285-KIT comes with the TA04-KIT, which includes a LiPo rechargeable battery, an AC charging adapter with international AC inlet clips for wall outlets, and a quick start guide.

Find more work by visually identifying issues with IGM, and scan a panel or cabinet for hazards without direct contact.

Performs 18 DMM measurement functions to help you verify the most complex electrical issues with trusted readings every time.

Features Bluetooth METERLiNK® to wirelessly embed data into thermal images from FLIR infrared cameras, or instantly share readings with clients.

Includes: DM285 & TA04-Kit