Fjc 2405 Kwik Klean A/c Flush Quart

FJC 2405 Kwik Klean A/C Flush Quart

  • $ 23.70

To remove old oil, debris and contaminants from vital a/c system components, it is necessary to flush them with a high-quality flushing agent. Items which require flushing include condensers, evaporators, and hose assemblies which do not have mufflers or filters. Please note: multi-pass condensers cannot be flushed and should be replaced.

  • Kwik Klean flush for flushing a mobile air conditioning system
  • Kwik Klean flush is designed to be used in the FJC flush gun part # 2710 Compatible with all oils
  • Removes oil and contaminants that can block the flow of oil and refrigerants
  • For use with R12, R134a and Blends
  • Compatible with all refrigerant oils
  • Use with Part # 2710  FJC Flush Kit