EZ Red EZTRAY-QGR Expandable Magnetic Parts Quad Tray – Green

  • $ 38.25

Work Sharp Pivot PLUS Knife Sharpener features: Pivot Response Convex Carbide Sharpener. Fine Grit Ceramic Hone. Tapered Diamond Sharpening Rod (600 grit). Lanyard attachment point. User's Guide.

  • A unique collapsing and expanding design allows for low-profile storage, coupled with versatility to expand and securely hold parts
  • Designed out of a high tensile silica, this magnetic tray expands up to 2 inches and collapses down to 0.75 inches for better visibility inside the tray
  • Organize loose parts within the 4 compartments; this magnetic tray is perfect for disassembling an engine, computer, or project with many parts
  • Strong neodymium magnets hold loose ferrous parts on the inside and the tray can magnetically attach to a metal tool box
  • The EZTRAY is easy to clean, simply pop off the magnetic base and rinse underwater
  • The bottom of the EZTRAY-Quad will stick to most metal surfaces
  • Using a high-tensile silica material, the EZTRAY-Quad will hold up to the harshest conditions and is impervious to most automotive fluids
  • The expanded depth is 2 inches high
  • Collapsed height is 0.75 inches
  • Overall width is 4.25 inches