Astro 3018Gr Digital Tire Inflator W/stainless Steel Hose & Push-Lock - Green Hand Tools

Astro 3018GR Digital Tire Inflator w/Stainless Steel Hose & Push-Lock - Green

  • $ 90.25

The Astro Pneumatic 3018 3-1/2-Inch Digital Tire Inflator with Hose allows accurate reading of tire pressure assisting with functionality of use with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). The unit has an easy change chuck system and convenient 1-button operation with auto shut-off for increased battery life. The large face, backlit LCD digital read-out displays KG, PSI or BAR measurement. Unit is covered with rubber sleeve for extra comfort and durability. Two position lever; 1st position deflates, 2nd position inflates. Includes 21-inch hose.

  • AAA battery powered design. 4X the battery life and simplified battery installation
  • 21"" Stainless braided hose with bend guard for increased durability
  • Maximum accuracy and 0.1psi resolution for use with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  • Displays KGF, PSI or BAR measurement
  • Large face backlit LCD digital read-out
  • Unit covered with rubber sleeve for extra comfort and durability
  • Two Position Lever:
    • 1st Position Deflates
    • 2nd Position Inflates
  • Easy Change Chuck System
  • Color: Green
  • Measuring Range: 3 - 175psi
  • Units: PSI / BAR / KPA / KGF
  • Resolution: 0.1 PSI
  • Accuracy: Compliance with European 86/217/EEC and ANSI B40.1 0 - 58 psi +/- 1.2 psi 59 - 174 psi +/- 2.0 psi
  • Working Temperature: 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)
  • Power: AAA Battery Battery Lifetime 560hr