Dent Fix DF-PDRKIT8 8 Piece PDR Rod Set

  • $ 194.77

The DF-PDRKIT8 is the perfect starter set for technicians learning the art of paint-less dent repairs. The set of 8 straightening rods, or picks, are made of hardened steel for durability and the high visibility colored grips on the handles make for easy identification. The kit comes in a tailored carrying bag with straps to keep everything secure and organized. The unique crescent shaped tips and composite ball tips allows for smooth rolling to help massage out dents without creating high spots. The kit also has conventional pick end tips and a plastic taper tip rod. This quality built well thought out kit is economically priced and ready to get you started in paint-less dent repair.


Performing paint-less dent repair on automotive vehicles by massaging out the dent from the back of the panel while it remains on the vehicle.


  • CRESCENT & BALL TIPS - Smooth rolling action to help massage out the dent with a reduced risk of high spots.
  • ESSENTIAL PIECES - Perfect mix of rod lengths and tips to cover most PDR repairs.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Type of PDR set that will last for years to come.
  • CARRYING CASE - Portable 3-sided nylon case that unzips along the seams to lay at and with straps to keep everything in place


Includes a portable 3-sided nylon case that unzips along the seams to lay at for easy rod selection. Interior elastic loops hold the rods in place. A pair of carrying handles provide easy portability.