CTA Tools 3759 - BMW Flywheel Mount Bolt Wrench 3759

  • $ 37.97

3759 - BMW Flywheel Mount Bolt Wrench Description: 140mm long wrench with T60 Torx® end features machined shaft to allow proper clearance to service Dual Mass Flywheel Mount Bolts, as they are off-center to the access point, especially from wear. Services E34 or E39 V8 4.0 & 4.4L with standard transmission and V* manual transmission, including: 530i with dual mass flywheel (1993-1995) 540i with dual mass flywheel (1993-2003) Also can be used on Ford Edge and Mazda CX-9 Rear Bearing Assembly mounting bolts, as shaved-down design allows clearance of the ABS Tone Ring. Use with 1/2" square drive tools MADE IN USA